Ute Sälzle Auditierung und Beratung
Ute Sälzle Auditierung und Beratung

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Beratung und Auditierung

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What would you like to know?

Are you looking for a competent and reliable cooperation partner?

I take my time and it is reserved for you and your specific requirements.  


Successful systems require capable links between theory and working practice

I know both sides of the cetification road - you apply the norms and standards as management tools,  I support you in a way that the system runs successfully and without bureaucratic obstacles and masses of documents. This way transperancy and value is added to your processes  and their interfaces.

I am happy to assist you in any scope of implementing your management system however using this tool is your task. My philosophy is - Support as much as necessary - do it yourself as much as possible. There is no other way to take advantage of a management system and keep it alive.


My CV - short version


studies of economics  focus Hotelbusiness 

Salesmanager/Sales Director for different Hotelchains

until 1986 several years work in forein countries : Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Japan, Italy.


Employed with a japanese enterprise in the field of machinery and R&D


Expediting/inspection and coordination for an enterprise working in the petrochemical industry (quality assurance) and  from 1990 working also for the sister company a certification body. Fife years in Italy, later on in Germany with audits worldwide.

  • 1990 qualification as IRCA Auditor/Lead Auditor
  • 1997 QS9000 certification auditor
  • 1999 DGQ Environmental manager/-auditor
  • 2000 VDA 6.1 certification auditor

Since 2002 freelance auditor for different certification bodies, trainer and consultant for different enterprises (metal industry, petrochemical industry, service companies) and training institutes.

  • 2003  TS certification auditor
  • 2004 VDA 6.2 certification auditor
  • 2006 VDA 6.4 certification auditor
  • 2011 expert for H&S (TU Berlin)
  • 2011 OHSAS 18001 (IRCA)
  • 2014  ISO 14001 certification auditor
  • 2016 VDA 6.3 (certified by VDA)

Of course  this route was and still is accompanied by continous professional trainings  







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