Ute Sälzle Auditierung und Beratung
Ute Sälzle Auditierung und Beratung

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Beratung und Auditierung

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meine E-Mail Adresse : Ute.Saelzle add t-online.de

Consultancy Services

my consultancy services are customized - you decide how often, how long and to which extend you require my assistance.


Presently remote audits  can be carried out for internal audis - or a mix of remote and on site audits.


Your receive

support for maintenance of your management system or general matters and/or proposals for optimization for your existing management system or the one you are aiming for.


Your advantage

is my experience in application of adequate tools, latest interpretations and information on subjects concerning quality and health and safety.


No long term contract obligations - invoicing is monthly


Most of the companies I work with there is a business relationship of 10 years or longer - this  may be only once per year, in example for the internal audit or related to a project, extension of the managment system by implementing a new standard, trainings or translations of management manuals or similar documentation.


My focus area is the , the automotive industry ( IATF/TS16949 / ISO 9001/VDA 6.3, VDA 6.4, VDA 6.1)  and  petrochemical industry (API Q1 / Q2)


For any further information you may need - do not hesitate to contact me.

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