Ute Sälzle Auditierung und Beratung
Ute Sälzle Auditierung und Beratung

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Besides my work with different certification bodies, I carry out as well internal (1st Pty) or supplier audits (2nd Pty.).


For your organization, internal audits in preparation for an external audit ( certification/customer)  audit or for verifiying the effectiveness of your management system. 

Your advantage is my experience as certification a auditor for a long time and in various branches. Annually I carry out 20 to 40 external audits for different certification bodies. This is only possible with a constant training and studying program in place to keep myself up to date with all the requirements - and this is your advantage too.


My auditing activities are mainly according to the following standards /technical specifications




VDA 6.1

VDA 6.4

VDA 6.3

for certification bodies




as internal audits for relevant organizations


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